Our acquisition programs are based on the tripartite cooperation among the owner of the customers database (Operator), the supplier of insurance products (Insurant) and the distributor (Call Center).
The program preparation includes, among others, drawing up the following documents:

  • necessary legal analyses;
  • agreements drafts;
  • documents defining the cooperation model;
  • premiums collection concept;
  • offer of products;
  • sales procedures and after-sale service (resignations, complaints, claims);
  • IT solution necessary to integrate the systems to exchange the data among the parties.

Furthermore, the program preparation includes:

  • acquisition of the database of prospective customers;
  • acquisition of the suppliers of financial products;
  • selection of the sales channels.

The next stage includes:

  • preparation of the sales process;
  • preparation of the concept of a dedicated product;
  • defining the rules of cooperation and mutual settlements among the program participants;
  • preparation of agreements and legal documentation;
  • claims service and adjustment of losses.


TELECOMS acquisition programs are addressed to the Operators’ present and prospective customers.

To implement the telesales programs, our company takes advantage of the Operators’ databases (present customers) and the databases of an external supplier (Operators’ prospective customers).

The programs include:

  • sale of new activations (voice and data);
  • sale of additional services;
  • migration of pre-paid users to the subscription services.

The main elements of the telesales program implementation include the development of:

  • specialist training modules;
  • optimised offer for final customers, based on the market analysis;
  • phone calls monitoring procedures and coaching of consultants,
  • phone calls quality assessment forms;
  • incentive schemes;
  • order service procedures (activation & fulfilment);
  • reporting modules;
  • processes of automatic data exchange with the operators’ domain systems;
  • data analysis and construction of customer purchase profiles.


The current managing of the acquisition process and the after-sales service includes, among others:

  • staff training,
  • sales campaign management;
  • after-sales service management;
  • reporting,
  • quality monitoring.